Council Training

“Council” is a contemporary community-building, non-violent form of communication in groups that focuses on listening.

Council is an expression of an attitude that invites presence and mindfulness in the relationship with oneself, with others and with nature. Council offers teams, organizations and groups of all kinds a highly effective means of shaping processes, crises and conflicts, as well as appreciating what has been achieved. It is an effective and proven means of building sustainable communities and finding answers that are already in the field of the group.

Council Head

The Ojai Foundation in California has led “Council” into community development, from the executive floors to the classrooms, in decades of research and practice.

In cooperation with the Ojai Foundation (, the Eschwege Institute and its training academy Campus Peregrini offer annual council seminars and trainings (in German and English language), as part of the training curriculum to become a Council Facilitator.

The heads of the institute, Holger & Gesa Heiten are recognized council trainers and offer council seminars internationaly.

Our English speaking training to become a Council Facilitator

will start in March 2021 and will take place in Czech Republic close to Prague. Click here for more information. Or contact us, in case you have questions about it.

If you want to learn more about “the way of council” just click here for an according essay.

If you speak German and you are interested in our German speaking Council offers just click here.