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The Eschwege Institute and its founders Holger and Gesa have always impressed me with their integrity, skill, depth of understanding, and heart. It has been an honour and personal pleasure to be associated with their important work, and their vision to support the reintroduce of earth-based wisdom into the mainstream of the future.

Meredith Little
(co-founder of Rites of Passage Inc. in 1976 and The School of Lost Borders, California)

The Eschwege Institute is one of the much needed watering holes in these turbulent times. I, and I know many others, will do all we can to encourage and ensure their continued work and success.

The teachings of nature, rites of passage and way of council are fortunately seeded in this small village and carried from there to so many in Europe by Holger and Gesa and the many people they train.

The integrity they embody is essential for building bridges, truth-speaking, heartful listening and the waking up that is so needed in our homes, schools, communities, businesses and governments. With their devotion and commitment to the work, I have both excitement and sense of hope in this kind of new leadership for our times.

Gigi Coyle
(Council trainer, social bridge builder and co-author of “The Way of Council”, California)

„I have found the work of the Eschwege Institut, to be of huge importance and value in my life. Being introduced to these tools has helped me to deepen my awareness of myself and my place in the world with profound effects both personally and professionally. For me, this work is absolutely vital for the future of the whole planet.“

Rupert Hutchinson
International Mountain Leader and Outdoor Educator, Scotland

„The training has been a time of deep personal transformation as well as a profound methodological toolbox for my professional work in guiding people through times of change and passages. In the 2 years I have come a big step closer to my original life-stile by listening to other peoples stories and due to the supportive frame. Through the teaching of the 4 shields and nature based work I received a clear map of the natural landscape of human development. Using this approach for personal development and also for the creation of projects.“

Joschi Sedlak
plenum/Pioneers of Change, Austria

„I found the Four Shields model, a simple yet powerful map for understanding the developmental stages we as humans go through whenever we reach a moment of transformation. This model, coupled with nature-based tools makes this course an essential experience for people who work with our youth, marginalized groups and anyone interested in using nature to heal and restore our faith in goodness.“

Lisa Sutherland
Teacher, facilitator and complementary health practitioner, Scotland

„Working with trainers of the Eschwege Institut has enhanced and expanded my abilities and skills and contributed towards my effectiveness in working with young people both in Moray and throughout Europe. I have gained more methodologies, more practical and theoretical skills and modalities which I use to empower and inspire young people and adults alike.“

Gavin Morgan
Senior Youth Worker and DofE Award Officer, The Moray Council, Scotland

„Before my Vision Quest experience and change process guide training I was stuck in my personal growth process. Through Holger and Gesa Heiten’s nature based work and methods of process mentoring, my life started to be in the flow again. Beside the knowledge transfer I liked the strong focus on opportunities for self experiencing every theoretical part.“

Markus Keller

„I found Holger Heiten to be an excellent facilitator, he is able to share his abundance of knowledge in a clear manner while holding an awareness of each participants needs. I left the training feeling fully inspired and enthused, clear in the intention to bring this positive process back to the youth in our community and make the change that is needed in today’s society.“

Craig Dickson
Youth worker, Scotland