August 04 - August 14, 2022

Vision Quest in Findhorn / Scotland

An ancient rite of passage for modern people

August 04th to Aug. 14th 2021 (Beginning 3pm, completion 1pm)

Findhorn and the Moray Firth / Scotland with Holger & Gesa Heiten

Cost: 890,- € ,+ 275,- € in GBP for Accommodation + transport to Moray Firth

Language: Bilingual German / English

Download the application form here: Application form VQ Findhorn 2021


VISION QUEST – An ancient rite of passage for modern people

The time has come to confirm a transition and to remove yourself from your former life. Vision Quest is to leave every possible distraction behind and become empty.

We will prepare you to go out alone, with no food and a bare minimum of equipment, into the heart of the wilderness, for four days and nights. There you will live with yourself in wild solitude and surrender to the influences of the soul of nature, discovering it to be a true mirror of your self.

The unimportant things fall away, and your emptiness invites the vision of the work that must be done. In your solitude, you wander through the precincts of death, where vision lies waiting.                                                                                                                    You drink from the springs of the deepest feeling and are filled with self-recognition. What is unimportant falls away. The work that must be done lies ahead.

Location of the wilderness

We will live in the woodlands and the dunes, at the beaches at the Culbin site of the Findhorn Bay and the wild Moray Firth.

The ocean as the most ancient landscape and the home of all living things will help to reconnect with the ancient home within you.

Structure of the Vision Quest

Three days of preparation in Findhorn, staying in the Findhorn Hostel (self catering) with bay view and close to the dunes. We gather daily in the Earth lodge at the heart of the Findhorn Community.

Six days out in the wilderness of the Moray Firth.  Four of these days will be your solo fast. The guides in the base camp will keep watch over your safety day and night.

Two days, back in Findhorn, for integration of the vision into the life to which you return

Download here your: Instructions to prepare for the Findhorn Vision Quest 2021

Download the application form here: Application form VQ Findhorn 2021

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